Statue Poetry – Barddoniaeth y Cerflun

Thank you to the ‘Helo Blod‘ translation service for providing translation for the lines of poetry on Cranogwen’s dress. There is a guide now posted on the information board. This is not a poetic interpretation but a more literal translation; we hope you enjoy it. All of ‘Caniadau Cranogwen‘ is available digitally on the National Library of Wales’s website.

Diolch i wasanaeth cyfieithu ‘Helo Blod‘ am ddarparu cyfieithu i’r llinellau barddoniaeth ar wisg Cranogwen. Mae canllaw bellach wedi’i bostio ar y bwrdd gwybodaeth. Nid dehongliad barddonol mo hwn ond cyfieithiad mwy llythrennol; rydym yn gobeithio y byddwch yn ei fwynhau. Mae ‘Caniadau Cranogwen‘ i gyd ar gael yn ddigidol ar wefan Llyfrgell Genedlaethol Cymru.

1. FAN
If she cannot go from home,
To do great things,
She watches here at all times,
With her eyes like the dawn.

Fan was Cranogwen’s beloved dog, who used to attend chapel with her. Children would be told to be quiet, but never Fan!

Beautiful, joyful, enchanting star,
You smile on the night;
Dancing, in ornate decorum,
On the sky, and on the sea;
Oh so alive and happy and joyful
Is your appearance, dearest star!
3 & 5. Some lines from ‘Dyffryn Cranog’
Here the mighty waterfall rushes,
   Until the fish and the birds are all stunned;
And there are the lakes, like splendid mirrors,
   For the ridged mountains to see their image;
In one place is the menacing, etched cliff,
   Another place a magnificent and beautiful plain;
Here is a cave, and there is a whirlpool,
   And over there is a flowery garden-like clearing.
Here the immense mountain hides
   His head in the clouds to spend the night;
There the playful stream flows
   Between valleys bespeckled with flowers and moor:
O mountainous Wales! My Home, my country!
You are, you will be forever in magnificence;
There is the spirit of the musician, there is the muse of the bard,
Always in your breeze, always in your mountains
6. Fy Ngwald
My country!  My country!  My dear peaceful Wales!
How dear to me are your hills and your rivers!
How blue, how fair, how beautiful, your sky!
How joyful your sun, how bright your heavens!
How pure, how gentle, how soft your breeze!
Your everything is so lovely and so quiet!
(Garden path)
One could not wish for a better place to live than the small Cranog valley;
Here I can live my life in peace,
And here somewhere eventually I will be laid to rest

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